Analyze Your Lightroom Catalog

Visualize your camera usage and develop settings in a few clicks.

Analyze Now ยป

Lightroom Analytics Tool for Everyone

Visualize Your Metadata

We provide simple pie chart and bar chart so that you can understand your data better.

Find your camera usage pattern

Find out which camera and lenses you used the most.

Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO

Plot your aperture, shutter speed, ISO speed usage: check whether you would need larger aperture lenses or a camera with better high ISO capability.


Develop settings

Analyze your develop settings in Lightroom: tone adjustments, Colour HSL adjustments, Black and White mix, Split toning and effects.

Improve productivity

By analysing your develop settings, you can find out your common settings and make it a preset.

Lenses usage analysis

Analyze the usage of every single lens you got.


Share it

Share your report with your friends and discuss your usage pattern.

Integrate with Lightroom

With our plug-in, you can generate your own analytics report in a few click.

More features

We are developing new and better tools continuously.